The Great Haiku

Turtle Challenge!

We would like to challenge you to write your own Haiku poem about Turtles.

 A Haiku is a short Japanese poem. It is written in just three lines. The first line has five syllables, the second line has seven syllables and the third line has three syllables. There, as simple as, or is it? A Japanese Haiku expresses how you feel about something. Usually on the first line a subject is introduced, then the second line introduces a new subject and the third line tells us what happened with those two things. If you would like to have a go, then please do, we are waiting for your ideas! You can also take a photograph, make a drawing or show a short film that you have made to go along with your poem. So come on all of you budding young artists, parents and poets out there lets show off your talent here! Share as many poems as you like by sending them to the "submit" page. 


Old Zen Poetry


Below are some old Zen Haiku poems. They have been translated from Japanese into English, so the syllable structure is not exact. They are about Turtles.

What matter if I live on  

a tortoise lives a hundred times as long.


(b-1763 d-1828)

turtle’s crying is

like my crying

over my shortcomings

Yatsuka Ishihara

(b-1919 d-1998)

Get Creative

The old Zen poetry whist amazing, in the sense that the poet expresses so much feeling in so few words. Your poem doesn't have to be exactly like a haiku, so if you want to use more words, then you can!

 Here is my attempt at a Haiku, ahem!


The waves gently lilt,

There for a moment a shell,

and then gone.

I'm trying to describe that I saw a turtle surface above the waves for a brief moment. Go on, see if you can do it, I'm sure that you can.

When you submit your poem I will put them on this page so that all the world can see your talent. Don't forget to send a picture or a short 10 second film if you want. Good luck, your time starts now! 

Original Haikus submitted by Bianca Braswell

The moon smiles down on


the murmurous haunt of


turtles. Hear or sea?

Turtles wisdom lies


Not in their long lives


But lives lived.

Einstein proved times


Relativity, turtles


Can’t read.

Moonlit nights spent over


Porous sand, then out to sea,


The life aquatic.

Turtles are breathless


Man made necklaces of plastic


We wear “Chokers” with irony

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